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MIRA Marketing Experts is provides marketing solutions & signage to business Marbella. Such as websites, social media, designs, email marketing, banners, stickers, 3D Letters, signs,...
Marketing, Signage, Signing, Designs, Marbella, Signs, marketing solutions, letters, banners, social media, marketing experts, stickers, indoor and outdoor signage
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About Us

How did we come up with the name MIRA? What does MIRA mean?


As we founded and established our company in Spain, we wanted to give it a Spanish name. In Spanish, MIRA means “look”, that is why we also have an eye incorporated in the MIRA brand.


It was nice to find out that MIRA coincidentally has a whole range of positive meanings in other languages, such as “wonderful” in Latin, “great, famous” in Slavic languages, “prosperous“ in Sanskrit and “exalted” in Hebrew.


“Look” refers to the billions of people regularly looking on the internet for a number of reasons as well as the public observing cross media. The cross media sector itself defines the term as follows “the cross media sector provides multimedia products and services by using radio, tv, internet, mobile devices, print, events etcetera, simultaneously alongside each other”.


When we founded the company, we wanted to get things right. We were inspired by the “Internet Marketing Tree” . The Internet Marketing Tree is a metaphor comparing internet marketing to a solid, strong, healthy tree.


It has deep roots, standing for research, strategy, branding and content. The sturdy trunk is supported by these roots and is made up of a good web design and development. The sprawling branches of the tree stand for the opportunities of promoting and advertising one’s company on the internet, growing out of a common strategy and feeding back into the company marketing core. With the right nutrients (in the metaphor: water, sun and fertilizer) the tree will grow bigger, expanding upward and outward to block out competing trees and ensuring a long life.


MIRA has chosen to become a mighty oak and wants its clients to become the most “wonderful”, “great”, “famous”, “prosperous” and “exalted” and LOOKED AT businesses on this planet!