Content marketing trends in 2017 -Do you have a content marketing plan?
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Content Marketing & SEO in Marbella, Costa del Sol

09 Nov The biggest content marketing trends in 2017

The advertising landscape is changing online, and if you want to succeed in content marketing online in 2017, you need to fully grasp why and how. You’ve all likely heard how content marketing is king and social media is queen – you’ve also likely heard of Google’s new RankBrain. But, are you aware that much is changing in the way we advertise online? Basically, if your online business, whether large or small doesn’t have a social advertising plan, you won’t get very far in the New Year.

Google rank brain

Questions about SEO & Content Marketing for Businesses

It seems now, and coming up in 2017 that content is about to take on new heights. Questions like how many words is good enough to rank? Should I still be doing blogs on my site? Where should I be advertising my business? Which social platform should I be using for my business? Most of all, we have to ask how SEO in general is changing, and re-visit digital content marketing with an open mind. All of these questions do have a definitive answer based on research, market analyses and mountains of case studies within the online marketing industry. This includes just how far a good content marketing strategy can go.

But, you must prepare because you will be hearing a lot of new marketing phrases or jargon being thrown around. This includes Native Advertising, Sponsored Content, Influencer Marketing, Purpose-driven Marketing, and Content Technology. These are only a few worth learning, you must also consider a completely new marketing online sales funnel as well.

What is influencer marketing?

As you can probably tell, positioning with local SERP’s is now more important than ever. Local search is on the rise because of mobile usage, this is coupled together with the right kind of informative site we’ve all come to depend on. In more general terms we can look back two years ago and see that many aspects remain the same, such as:

  • Your site must be mobile friendly
  • Your site must be content rich with relevant information
  • You must be targeting local keywords (your own geographical area)
  • You must be using Schema Mark-ups
  • And you must have a diverse (slow) link building scheme

There is a lot more of course to online marketing and we will go over many aspects and what you should be doing in our case studies, eBooks and free downloads. This year, Mira Marketing plans on paying very close attention to a new generation of advertising and marketing online. The statistics we’ve seen and studied are quite astonishing, and we want to share that data with business owners both locally and globally.

New Collaboration & Partnership – Mira Marketing & SEO Sonia

Mira Marketing has teamed up with Sonia Ingriselli, the local SEO Guru and marketing enthusiast. Together, they will be providing local online businesses, real estate companies and global clients an exclusive in-house team – both virtually and one-on-one. We wanted to do something completely different for 2017, so we came up with a plan that would tailor unique marketing opportunities to small and large businesses online. Everything, this means all of our SEO and marketing services will be done in-house. This way, we can properly manage a coordinated team, giving our clients a slight advantage when it comes to ranking online.

content marketing services

Our in-house team includes two journalists for content marketing creation – something we’ve already said is the only way forward; a technical SEO expert who can make sure your website is search engine ready and beginning to rank; a highly experienced link builder with over 15 years of experience who brings us thousands of networks for our clients link building campaign, and finally a web development and graphics design team. This includes additional services like video creation, video editing, drone rental, photography and more.

Networking Marbella – Mira Marketing Networking Event

Please join us December 1st for our first networking event to kick off the New Year. At this networking event you have the opportunity to meet new people and form new business relationships. You also have the opportunity to acquire new leads or clients, and you will get some inside SEO tips from Sonia who will be giving a 15 minute presentation.

Our next big event will be taking place early in the New Year at Andalucia Lab; here we will present to you brand new online marketing and SEO tips – exactly what you need to do in 2017 to stay ahead in the rankings and this includes an indepth review of content marketing trends in 2017.

If you wish to attend our networking event, please fill out the form below to reserve your space or follow the event link to Facebook. Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.





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