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29 Nov Google’s Top Algorithm Updates – SEO 2016 Edition

Why does Google change or update its algo so much?

Believe it or not Google wants you to have the best searching experience possible. There was a time back in the day (late 90’s) where Spam seemed to rule. Many of us found searching online would lead to horrible sites or spammy sites. Sites that would drop malware onto our computers and adult sites, and so on. These are days many of us would like to forget, and Google has found a way to make sure things like that never happen again.

The point is Google wants to give its users the most enjoyable and hassle free search experience, therefore Google rolls out several updates to improve the overall performance of its search engine. Today in 2016, we now have Google’s RankBrain, an artificial intelligence that learns from us, the users. Though most of the updates that take place in one year are minor, there are always some major ones throw into the mix that rocks our world. This includes the Panda and the Penguin updates.

Back in 2011, Google released its famous Panda update and things have never really been the same. The Panda update has been helping Google to chase and shut down websites that produce low-quality content, like the ones we mentioned above. Panda’s update was later improved and the “freshness update” was added. This update helped track down websites that aren’t posting or updating the content on their website regularly.

Another big update that shook up the search word was the Penguin update. Penguin was released in 2012, and its primary task was to track down websites that contained unnatural links or if these sites were obtaining links through various black hat SEO tactics like link farming. Google has since been using the Penguin update to penalize theses types of website and in turn, has given us, the White Hat’s, a fair shot in the search market. But, Google was just getting started…

In the most recent and most radical update Google has ever implemented, they gave us RankBrain – Google’s very own AI. This machine learning artificial intelligence is aimed at improving the long-tail and unique search queries you make on mobiles. RankBrain has been affecting 15% of the total daily searches that are deemed ambiguous and unique. To make things even more exciting in the search marketing world, RankBrain quickly took top spot in the three most important ranking factors.

To those of us doing SEO these updates really affect our world in ways you couldn’t imagine. However, it also helps us optimise websites that Google deems worthy. To have a better grasp on how these updates play a vital role in the SEO world, this visual guide by CJG Digital Marketing explains to us the most notable Google Algorithm updates and changes that have had the biggest impact on the search since the Panda update.

The Top Google Algorithm Updates – 2016 Version (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

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