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Marketing solutions has changed at lightning speed. We like to assemble all “puzzle pieces” together.
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Marketing Solutions

Marketing has changed at lightning speed, and the big search engines like Google are constantly evolving to provide us with cleaner search results. MIRA likes assembling all the “puzzle pieces” together and providing our clients with the best possible online marketing strategies and effective SEO campaigns. The marketing plan we build for our client base meets the search engine requirements, therefore the results satisfies both customers and Google.


MIRA caters to everyone no matter how simple or complex your project might be. Through online marketing Marbella or SEO Marbella, we can help your business compete within local search listings – And Mira also provides an effective solution to your outsource needs including lower costs. The entire team at Mira loves what we do, and we are ready to implement and manage all your online projects, even for small businesses with smaller budgets. Mira Marketing Experts caters to everyone.


Underneath you will find some of the specialised marketing online services MIRA offers.


Your online business is your store front, and a good website is needed to make that very important first impression. Each website designed by Mira Marketing Experts is unique to your niche and we give every part of your website the attention to detail you want. You take control and you tell us about the colours, the shapes and what makes you special. We make it easy for your customers or end users to find exactly what they are looking for on your website.


We help you re-imagine your brand, design and story online. We understand that in order to create a meaningful bond with your target audience, presentation is everything. This includes a creative yet effective logo, along with different types of styling and design. Through the creative process, we are able to implement your particular brand at every level, making that important connection with clients a lot easier.


Social media today is just as important as SEO and marketing online. Without social media you have no way of really understanding and knowing your client base. Social media although straightforward for personal use, takes on a whole new level when used for businesses or branding online. Mira Marketing Experts understands that aspects of social media can be used to gain leads and above all else, using social media can get you conversions. We help you connect and communicate on a level that your customers will appreciate.


Retargeting is the cornerstone of advertising online no matter which advertising channel you might be using. The Mira Marketing team specialises in retargeting services, and we are both a Google Partner and Facebook Marketing partner – two of the largest platforms for advertising in the world today. Our services are based on users viewing ads, visiting specific websites and pages, which includes viewing different products on an advertiser’s site or by visiting a Facebook page. Retargeting is the secret weapon you’ve never heard about and best of all it works!


Do you want to be found online? Do you want to compete locally or globally within your niche? Above all else do you want the right customers or clients to find you? Of course you do and that’s why SEO is more relevant than ever. It starts with a new website and ends with the right SEO or marketing online strategy. If you want high ROI from your new website, then you need SEO to be found. At Mira, we house SEO experts who have worked in the field for over 15 years. Our professional SEO services include researching your client persona’s, finding the right keywords to use on your site and more. By applying the right SEO techniques we help you rank first page of Google.


Advertising online doesn’t have to be expensive and we have the expertise and software that can help you properly budget yet get high conversion rates. Investing in a PPC campaign is the next step in a great online strategy when your site is on its way to dominating the search engine results pages (SERPs). The right campaign with the right targeted keywords will bring your site to the very top, yielding a high conversion rate, while spending less money.


Mira Marketing Experts also provides domain services and helps you with server side solutions. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you register a domain for your business, manage it and host it for you with unlimited extensions.


Email marketing is part of any good online marketing strategy and the right emails sent to your direct target can produce a number of leads, which leads to high conversion rates. The buying process for your niche doesn’t have to be difficult and we specialise in making the process more simplistic for your target base. Email marketing is an effective way to inform your target group and lead them to your website. Mira can design and implement images, videos, and much more into your email campaigns. We also manage the entire process, providing you with full reporting about your customers’ journey.


By using marketing automation you can be highly successful online generating tons of leads. With the right team behind you, you can take full advantage of marketing automation, preparing your company for a profitable future. Our lead generating techniques and strategies are like no other, and we use only the latest technologies to help you achieve success in your marketing online approach.