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Our Specialised Services & Online Reputation Management (ORM)


Strategy Development

Do you have an online reputation problem? Take back your name online with our specialised services. When it comes to online reputation management or ORM, strategy development is what we do, and what makes us different. Our three pronged approach to eliminating bad press, bad reviews, bad blogs, comments, etc., has worked for countless businesses and individuals.


Take back your online life & maintain full control with our specialised content strategy. Our content marketing strategy is designed to make sure you always stay one step ahead of negative SEO, bad reviews, bad press and more. Through unique content you maintain a positive following, and win. Online reputation management is an important aspect of online marketing, helping you maintain a successful brand.


Link Building Strategy

Link development and link building strategies are extremely important when it comes to ranking your site on the first pages of the major search engines. When it comes to negative SEO, those who wish to harm your reputation will build negative links, which link back to your site.


Online Reputation Management – We Give You Back Your Power Online


Online Reputation Management (ORM) is about taking back control of what’s rightfully yours. This can be something simple like content, images or regarding social media aspects. Reputation management online is about taking back your control. We know there can be many nasty individuals out there, including competitors who desperately want to see you fail. If you have any measure of success online you instantly become a target.


Our team of experts makes sure your brand stays the way it should – Good as Gold! We monitor your brand, product, service, name and more; thereby stopping those trolls in their tracks. By using our services and our own proven strategy, which involves our three pronged approach, you can stay one step ahead.  Even if you are now suffering attacks online, and it’s affected your ROI, we can stop it! We give you back your business, polished and brand new, once again ready to take on the world. We bury the negative content, and even fix online reviews. Our prices are reasonable, and we can even customise a suitable package for you. You can choose your own budget!


We act on your behalf, fighting the bullies online and making the bad content disappear. We manage and respond professionally to negative reviews, we also contact Google to remove defaming reviews that are not at all justified to be there.


With our Mira Marketing ORM service, we occupy the first pages of Google with positive content  including major counter attacks of negative link building aimed at those who have done the same to you.


We to have an arsenal of bad links just like they do, collected over a decade amounting to millions. We play the same game back, but we always win. Included in this package is press releases, SEO rich content, SEO rich articles, ebooks, PDF’s etc., and we provide a full competitors analysis.